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Hair Restoration

30 Minute Treatment now available

What is ProCell therapy? A microchanneling tool that opens the hair follicles in the scalp just deep enough to deliver specific growth factors into those follicles via a cultured serum. The serum revives dormant hair follicles and grows the hair back. It is a mildly invasive procedure with medical grade results..

1. ProCell versus PRP

ProCell is a mildly invasive procedure as opposed to the PRP (platelet-rich plasma) process that will draw blood while injecting the plasma protein into the scalp.

ProCell only goes 0.5mm (less than the thickness of a credit card) into the scalp while PRP needs to go deeper and therefore can be quite painful.


2. What You Can Expect

We start by having a personal consultation to review your eligibility and from there determine your priorities and objectives. CLICK HERE to review the screening form.

Following your consultation and prior to your fist appointment, you will be required to sign our consent form. CLICK HERE to review the consent form.


2. What Areas Can Be Treated

ProCell Therapy is excellent for hair growth and restoration in receding hairlines, crown hair loss, the part line, the temples, naturalization, as well as preventative in avoiding hair loss. And then there is Alopecia, male or female patterned baldness, post chemotherapy, post pregnancy hair loss, thinning hair of course....
and more.



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